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In-Person & Telehealth Treatment

Recovery & Wellness
A Whole Person Approach

At Thera-Med, we build individual treatment plans that heal the mind, body, and soul of our clients. Sustainable recovery is possible when clients develop the knowledge and life skills that support their commitment to a chemical-free lifestyle. 

All treatment services are available in-person at our Toledo, Ohio office, or via telehealth from the privacy of your home.

Psychological Counseling

As with all disease, there are underlying factors that drive addiction such as depression, pain, abuse, trauma, and more.  Our assessment process identifies factors that may benefit or impede a client’s recovery.  Our trained professionals develop a treatment plan to help our clients work through issues of the past as they build a strong foundation in recovery.

Motivational Coaching

Starting a program of recovery isn’t the problem, maintaining it can be.  Our coaching service is designed to support the “FitWit Brain” educational program, teach the fundamentals of setting and reaching goals, and the key elements of how to stay motivated beyond your time in treatment so you can maintain the longterm recovery you’ve been looking for.

World-Class Wellness Education

Addiction depletes the body and mind of vital nutrients. Cravings, mood instability, and insomnia are some of the symptoms that derail a client’s path to longterm recovery. Our functional wellness & recovery program, FitWit Brain, co-created by functional medicine certified physicians, Dr. Sturtz and Dr. Gross, along with Angela Swolsky, CDCA-II, CPC, helps our clients to replenish and rebuild their mind and body from the toll of addiction.  Further, the FitWit Brain wellness verticle supports the 8-dimensions of wellness as defined by SAMHSA.

Healing the whole person
Addiction is a whole-person disease.  Our program provides a whole-person solution.


We build professional relationships rooted in trust.


Your determiniation & our nutritional recovery makes all the difference.


Learn the “why” and “how” of building a lifestyle to maintain your recovery.
Counseling & Support
Dr. James Buldas

Dr. James Buldas

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. James J. Buldas is a Counseling Psychologist and President of Thera-Med, LLC.  Dr. Buldas has an extensive history and experience in substance-abuse/dependency counseling.  He graduated in 1979 from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Dr. Buldas went on to earn a Doctor of Education in Psychology from Western Michigan University in 1984 and has practiced in the Toledo, Ohio area over the past several decades.

Since being licensed, Dr. Buldas has been practicing psychotherapy within adult and adolescent populations.  Dr. Buldas has counseled patients with various psychological issues within a cognitive-behavioral treatment modality.

Dr. Robert Closs

Dr. Robert Closs

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robert Closs is a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Director of Thera-Med, LLC.  Dr. Closs has over 35 years of combined experience in the fields of mental health and substance abuse counseling.  His degrees include a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology along with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Dr. Closs has worked in multiple settings over the years including private practice, inpatient and outpatient hospitals, mental health clinics, prison, and academia. He has had international experience, having worked in Australia for seven years where he taught, and maintained a private practice. Dr. Closs is particularly at home with the Thera-Med multidisciplinary approach that develops a mind, body, spirit solution to the issues facing patients.

Angela Swolsky

Angela Swolsky


Angela Swolsky, CDCA-II, CPC, is a board-certified chemical dependency counseling assistant, a certified health coach, co-creator of the functional wellness program FitWit Brain, and the head of Thera-Med’s wellness services.  Angela has 9-years of transitional coaching experience and is the embodiment of the “what’s now, what’s next” coaching philosophy.

Angela works with the Thera-Med team members to assess clients, develop and implement treatment plans, and facilitates the FitWit Brain functional wellness & recovery program to help clients develop a lifestyle to support and sustain recovery.  She motivates and encourages clients, supports the successful completion of their goals, and helps them to work through stumbling blocks that may interfere with their success.

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